Audio “Welcome to my world!

Wow… I cannot believe I’m actually doing it, especially in English, which isn’t my first language, so it’s quite rusty at the moment, but I’ll keep practicing and hopefully get better at it, so here we go!

On my first post I would to like to share with you the reasons why I’m doing this blog.

As a teenager I was a very shy type a person, I didn’t have many friends, and all this because I wasn’t able to accept myself, I wanted to be someone else, I felt ugly, I wished I had a different life, but the truth is: I WAS MAKING MYSELF MISERABLE! And it was MY fault… I’m the only ONE responsible for my happiness.

Somethings in life we simply aren’t able to choose, for example: what family to born, our body type, eye color, to have or not a healthy condition and so on, but what we make out of it…ahhh, WE ARE! So, slowly but surely, I started making the best of each situation, tried to be more social, opened myself to new experiences and started looking for my way to happiness! To be “beautiful” is way more complex than to have a pretty face and a shaped body, it is a STATE OF MIND.

I’m just an average girl, who has her problems, good and not so good moments, but I found on the “Beauty World” a way to feel good about myself and, as a makeup artist, other people! To see a smile on someone else’s face, that could be feeling the same way I was feeling in the past, is priceless!

So… yeah! Here I intend to share some of my life experiences, things I love, and hopefully be able to help other people to be the best version of themselves.

See you on my next post, bye!

Alana MKlein


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