Review – Redken’s Heatcure Treatment at Tips and Toes Middle East

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Today let’s talk about a super exciting topic, BEAUTY SALON and HAIR TREATMENT!

Long story short, I’ve done pretty much everything with my hair: from highlights to dying my hair vivid red, red, blond coppery, went back to dark brown, did tons of different “Brazilian Blowouts” treatments, keratin, protein, botox… you name it, I used to work at an amazing Beauty Salon in São Paulo, Brazil, so that’s why 🙂

Let’s take a trip down memory lane:

After moving to Dubai, I couldn’t keep up with my trips to the salon as I was use to, so my hair really started feeling the changes, even though at home I still follow a “hair treatment schedule” and do my best to keep it “healthy”, so no more bleaching or dying.

But let’s be honest, at home treatments are not as good/potent as professional ones, especially for a hair chemically treated, which is my case.

Mine is naturally curly and I’m really trying to grow it, so I’m avoiding “Brazilian Blowouts” treatments because I do feel that my hair started to get thinner after so many, and I prefer a little bit volume, so I’m doing my best to keep it “natural”, in color and texture, just using hot tools to style it, that’s why I decided to try the Redken’s Heatcure Treatment at TIPS & TOES.

by Redken:


The Heatcure Professional in-salon service performed by your stylist restores the look and feel of damaged hair as the specialized formula with caring agents penetrates deep through the hair’s cuticle up to the cortex—leading to restorative results that can last up to 10 washes. The unique formula can only be activated when used in conjunction with the specifically designed tool.


During your service, your stylist will apply the Heatcure Professional Restoration Formula to cleansed and towel-dry hair. Then your stylist will glide the Heatcure Professional Tool through your hair section by section to activate the formula and restore your hair. When finished, your stylist can rinse your hair and style as usual.”

They did exacly how is recommended by Redken.

When it was finished I’ve noticed such a difference on how it looks and feels to the touch.

Ok, now the question I’m sure you want to ask: “…And then?”

Well, after the ten washes my hair still looks much better than before the treatment, still shinny, soft and looking much healthier. Check it out:

Before / After Redken’s Heatcure Treatment – Hair Styled
Before / After Redken’s Heatcure Treament – Air Dried

I DEFINITELY recommend this treatment and I’ll, for sure, do it again! Tips & Toes Panorama‘s branch customer service is excellent and their services range is amazing, such as: pedicure/manicure, nails extensions, all sort of hair treatments, massage, bridal… And they have branches in so many different locations, like: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Alain and so on, so no excuses.

  • Price: Around AED 210, which I find reasonable
  • Where to do it: @tipsandtoesme

See you on my next post, byeee!

Alana MKlein ♥

*AD | Gifted


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