By far, the most beautiful Jumpsuit I’ve EVER worn and it’s by SHEIN!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This is officially my very first “fashion” related blog post, I don’t know about you but I am very excited!

I shop online on a regular basis and SHEIN is definitely among the websites I shop the most, I surely love browsing around their app, they have absolutely everything, from clothes to home decor.

Couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to collaborate with them and it was all thanks to a dear friend of mine, Daniela Pires , thank you babe for referring me ♥️

And one of the items I chose this time, was a JUMPSUIT, and the reason why I’m dedicating a full post to it, is: “OMG, it’s hands down the most beautiful, elegant, classy, affordable and well made jumpsuit, I’ve ever tried on, for real!”

Seriously, every time I worn it, I’ve got so many compliments, that’s unreal, check this out:

Now let’s talk about the fitting, which is something that can be quite challenging when buying clothes online.

It’s very important to know your measurements, on SHEIN’s website each item has on their description: the sizing, the fabric, if it’s stretch or not, among other things, and because of their rewarding program a lot of customers write reviews, myself included, where most of the time contain pictures, which in my opinion is extremely helpful, so if you check all of these information, it’s, most likely, going to be a win.

This particular item fitted me perfectly, I’ve got size “M” and I find it “true to size”.

Find bellow SHEIN’s size guide for this specifically item and my measurements:

Now, out of curiosity… Have you ever shopped on SHEIN?

I really hope it was somewhat helpful, I will see you on my next post… byeee!

Alana MKlein ♥️

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