How to CHANGE the Folder’s Icon on MacBook

A while ago I saw a video on TikTok where someone was showing how to use emojis as folder icons on their MacBook and I was blown away, unfortunately I couldn’t find the video anymore to give the proper credit.

I’m not an emoji kinda girl, but the idea of customizing my folder’s icon it’s really appealing, so I decided to give it a go and it WORKS!

So here is the “Step by Step”:

  1. Find the image you would like to use as an icon folder, I would recommend looking for .png (transparent background) ones, then download it.

2. On your Mac, save the image to your desktop.

3. Open the file > Comand + C

4. Select the folder you would like to customize, then choose File > Get Info.

5. Select the Icon Folder > Comand + V

And there you have it!

Quite easy right?!

I even created my on version on TikTok, check it out:

I hope to see you on my next post, byeee!

Alana MKlein ♥

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