REVIEW: Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch Lipsticks

Shut the front door! I just recently discovered that is possible to rock “Glossy Lips” without risking messing it up, especially in times where we need to wear face masks, like… how didn’t I know about it?!

Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch Lipstick is definitely one way to go and it has been around for quite a while, I mean… I watched couple reviews on Youtube and some of them are from over 4 years ago.

Not gonna lie, initially I wanted to purchase the Nyx Shine Loud Liquid Lipsticks, because it was the ones all over TikTok and Instagram, but at the time it wasn’t still available here in the Middle East, so I had to branch out and that’s when I came across to the Kiko Milano ones, which is essentially the same concept: on one side is the transfer proof liquid lipstick and on the other side, a transparent lip gloss. The applicators are incredibly similar and honestly when it comes down to packaging, if you ask me, I prefer way more the look of the Kiko Milano one, even though I don’t like much the gloss applicator as I find it to be quite stiff.

Applicators – Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch

Available in 30 different shades and it retails for AED 55 each, I purchased mine online, from Instashop, but you can also find it at, and, of course, at the Kiko Milano Store.

And one thing I really appreciate is the fact that on their website is possible to virtually try on almost all the shades available, which helps when choosing what shades to buy and it is quite accurate.

Here are the swatches of the shades I purchased:

Swatches – Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch


  1. Apply the liquid lipstick on clean and moisturized lips and wait for it to dry completely.
  2. Apply the gloss on top of it and voilà!
Lip Swatches – Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch

The formula of the liquid lipsticks is not very consistent across the board, some of the shades are very pigmented and easy to apply, while others aren’t, which in that case, make the application process quite difficult and it ends up looking very patchy, no matter how many layers you apply.

  • 102 “Satin Rosy Beige”

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch – 102 “Satin Rosy Beige”

It’s my go to nude and one of my favorite shades at the moment, I think it works great for my skin tone, especially when paired with a lip liner. This is one of the shades that I’d say is not very pigmented, but I am able to achieve a flawless coverage with two coats of the liquid lipstick before applying the clear gloss.

  • 103 “Natural Rose”

Rating: 3 out of 5.
Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch – 103 “Natural Rose”

A little bit more brown than I’d like it to, but I can make it work, especially combined with the 102 “Satin Rosy Beige”, then I don’t even need a lip liner, so that’s a plus. This shade is quite pigmented and I just need one coat of the liquid lipstick to achieve a good coverage.

  • 107 “Cherry Red”

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch – 107 “Cherry Red”

A beautiful shade of red, a little bit more warm tone than I expected, but still, it’s my second favorite shade and the most pigmented one, from the ones I’ve tried, one coat is only what I need to achieve full coverage.

  • 112 “Satin Peach Rose”

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch – 112 “Satin Peach Rose

A peach pink-ish shade, which I find it to be quite light for my skin tone. It’s not pigmented enough, even after applying three coats it still looks very patchy.

  • 113 “Satin Coral”

Rating: 1 out of 5.
Kiko Milano Unlimited Double Touch – 113 “Satin Coral”

It’s way more bright and peachy than I’d normally go for, and again… not pigmented enough, looked extremely patchy even after three coats.

Does it really last on the lips?

It does last an incredible amount of time on the lips, I’d not wear the liquid lipstick side by itself, because when it dries down it gets very sticky, which is quite uncomfortable, but, I think, that’s what makes it transfer proof and as soon as you apply the gloss on top of it, the sticky feeling disappears.

After wearing the shade 102 “Satin Rosy Beige” for an entire day I’ve noticed: the gloss has to be reapplied several times throughout the day, because the gloss, obviously isn’t transfer proof and by the end of the day it wasn’t looking “perfect” by any means, but way better than any other lipstick I’ve tried so far. I even tested out layering one more coat of the lipstick to see if it would get messy or peel off and, surprisingly, it didn’t.

Overall, I’m happy with my purchase. But I have to be honest, if I was to buy it today, the only shades I’d go for is the 102 “Satin Rosy Beige”, 107 “Cherry Red” and, maybe, the 103 “Natural Rose”.

Ahhh, and one more thing, just a constructive criticism… the gloss applicator needs to be improved, IT IS very stiff and by the end of the day I was really annoyed by it.

I hope my review was helpful and now I’m wondering… Should I try the NYX one?

Alana MKlein ♥

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